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Laptops and tablets are getting thinner and lighter, at the expense of reducing port functions. Consumers are easily getting lost in multiple hubs and adapters, and scarcely had they found a satisfactory solution. Dockcase, combining the docking and protective case, is designed to be the ultimate accessory for your laptop.

The innovative dock-and-case-in-one design makes the Dockcase the most comprehensive and portable solution in the market. Take the Dockcase, and you have all the missing ports back, and with your laptop perfectly protected. What’s more, all ports of the dock meet the highest industry standard, so as to ensure you work as most productive as possible.

When Dockcase was first launched on Kickstarter, it received warm welcome and incredible popularity from backers all over the world.
1 Day
Funding goal was reached within 1 day.
The campaign ends successfully
with $148,353 raised in 35 days
1,714 Backers
1,714 backers from over the globe supports the
campaign.and become the early DockCase fans.
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