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Dockcase Explorer Edition:Smart 10-in-1 USB-C Hub-Matte Black
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Dual 4K@60Hz Display/ 1000Mbps/ UHS-II SD&TF/ 100W PD/ USB 3.2 Gen 2/ Supports Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch/See-Through Design
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Frequent Questions
Q1.Does Dockcase Smart Hub support Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch?
Yes, Dockcase supports Steam Deck/Switch/Switch OLED, and can be used instead of the official docking station. When connected to Steam Deck, it can use DP1.4 or HDMI2.1 interface to output 4K120Hz images.
Q2.Does Dockcase Smart Hub support Thunderbolt?
Dockcase supports connecting to Thunderbolt 3/4, USB4 or full-featured USB-C ports to use all output ports, but doesn't support Thunderbolt/USB4 unique functions. Because Dockcase is based on USB 3.2 Gen 2+DP Alt Mode to achieve 10Gbps USB data and dual 4K60Hz video data transmission at the same time.
Q3.Does Dockcase Smart Hub support M1/M2 chip devices?
Yes, but it is recommended to use after updating to the latest macOS, macOS 11.7.4 , 12.6.3 , 13.2.1 and newer versions are recommended.
Q4.Does Dockcase Smart Hub support Windows laptops?
Dockcase supports Windows laptops/mobile devices connected to Thunderbolt 3/4, USB4 or full-featured USB-C ports, but doesn't support all Microsoft Surface devices. We recommend that all Microsoft devices be used with Microsoft official docking stations.
Q5.Does Dockcase Smart Hub support Linux?
We tested MST and other functions on SteamDeck(SteamOS) and it works fine. We also tested Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu, except that MST is not supported by the driver and can't be extended to two different screens (only two identical screens can be extended), other functions are compatible.
Q6.Why there is no 2.5Gbps or faster Ethernet port?
2.5Gbps and 5Gbps network ports have serious issues of compatibility, heat generation, power consumption, etc. Faster Ethernet ports are not suitable for this type of portable USB-C hub. We will use faster Ethernet port on other types of products, for example, desktop docking stations with better power supply and heat dissipation.
Q7.How many watts of chargers does the PD interface support?
It can support a maximum of 100W PD input, and can connect to a higher power PD3.1/3.0/2.0 power supply, but the maximum input power is still 100W. The product can also be connected without an external PD power supply when the computer USB-C provides sufficient power.
Q8.Can the USB interface connect to a portable SSD? How much power is the interface?
Yes, it can provide a maximum connection of 10Gbps for portable SSD. The USB-C interface can output a maximum of 15W power supply when the external PD power supply connected is greater than 30W, and the maximum total power of the USB devices is 20W; when there is no external PD power supply, the maximum power of Dockcase and the external devices can't exceed the maximum output power of the computer’s USB-C interface.
Q9.Why doesn't Dockcase Smart Hub support Thunderbolt protocol?
In order to support more USB-C devices.
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