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DockCase 10 Seconds Power Loss Protection M.2 NVMe Smart SSD Enclosure
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Power Loss Protection 10s/Smart SSD Health Info Detection/M.2 NVMe&SATA/USB3.2 Gen 2/10Gbps/UASP/2TB/Dual Heat Dissipation/D-Key Control
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what media are saying
"DockCase’s enclosure is pretty special in its additional power loss protection. "
what media are saying
"The DockCase Smart SSD enclosure does everything right."
what media are saying
"A sleek SSD enclosure with a big brain. "
Frequent Questions
Q1.What is the control chip of the DOCKCASE SSD enclosure?
Q2.Why the actual transfer speed of the M.2 NVMe SSD in the DOCKCASE SSD enclosure is only 400+MB/S?
Please confirm whether your laptop interface is 10G or 5G.
Q3.Why does the screen go black within 10 seconds after unplugging the DOCKCASE SSD enclosure after the capacitor is fully charged?
The screen time after power failure is related to the built-in SSD power. The high-power SSD screen turns off faster, and the low-power SSD screen turns off slower, but the DOCKCASE SSD enclosure is still working after the screen is turned off.
Q4.Does the DOCKCASE SSD enclosure support PCIe 4.0 SSD? How fast can it be achieved?
Yes, it does. However, limited by the 10G interface, the actual transmission speed is up to 900+MB/S.
Q5. Does it support SATA M.2?
Yes, it supports SATA or NVMe M.2 SSD, the maximum support capacity is 2TB.
Q6.Does it support double-sided particles M.2 SSD like XPG SX8200?
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